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Hang in there!!

I'll find you your property!

In memory of Surge

Smoothest ride I ever had!

The Columbia River

You like water!! We have water!!

Just a bend in the road

Leaving Kettle Falls towards Northport.

You want view!!!

How does this one grab you?

You want a creek?

Let me see what I can do.

Wild Turkey in your yard!

Next Thanksgiving you know what to do, right pilgrim?

Lake Roosevelt

If you got the boat, we got the river.

Do you have horses?

Give me a call. We live in horse heaven!

Private creek

Sometimes hard to find. But worth the wait!

Town of Northport

If you want a small town in a recreational paradise! Look no futher

South of Northport

Bring your canoe.

Northport sunset

This is not an uncommon scene

Columbia River

2 miles south of the Canadan border

Sheep Creek

If you try tubing this one, you had better be a great swimmer!

Sheep Creek

I hear the fly fishing is some of the best!!

Fishing hole

You will have to follow me when I'm not looking to find this one!!!!!!!

Can he land it?

You won't beleive the whoppers that come out of here, and if I have anything to do with it, you will never see for yourself!

He did it!

Ok, maybe whopper might be a stretch.

My favorite spot

Sorry! My cell phone won't work here.

Bring your animals

We'll find a place for them to stay.

More Columbia

We never get tired of water.

Plenty of river rock!

Want to build a fireplace?

Almost to Canada


Small town USA.

Yellow brick road!

On the way to Colville.

Deep Creek

I've seen 20 in. trout come out of here!


Just another fishing hole

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