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Stevens County, Washington

Approx. Pop.: 43430

County Seat: Colville

John Corcoran

Associate Broker, Branch Manager

Office: (509) 732-6269
Fax: (509) 732-1611
412 Center Ave.

Northport, Washington

Approx. Pop. : 291

School: Northport, K-12

Library: Stevens County

Stores: Tony's Market

Northport Hardware

Housing Types

In Stevens County, the average home price is $130,000. Prices range from $30,000 to $500,000 plus. Housing types available include Single Family Homes, Residential, Farms & ranches large & small, Commercial, Lots & Acreage, Investment Properties, Lake & River Waterfront.

If you're looking for land where pockets of civilization are nestled in surroundings of wild beauty and adventurous terrain, search no more because Stevens County, Washington, will fulfill your dreams. Small communities are discovered along the banks of the rivers in Stevens County, which provide quiet and peaceful country living. Families can participate in community events and cultural opportunities, and yet, enjoy the adventures of rustic living. Not only is there a breathtaking paradise awaiting the avid hunter in the game-filled mountains, but endless athletic recreation is available on the majestic Columbia River, which runs alongside this county as it flows into the Grand Coulee Dam.

There are long forgotten places in this county that time has passed by, but there are also places that still remain today like Marcus, Leadpoint, Chewelah, Northport, and Colville, where history has stood still and community values are still treasured among its citizens. This is a land where the mining echoes of yesteryear can almost be heard, and the chances of striking it rich are still in the thoughts of many who visit this county.

Stevens County is a refreshing find containing glittering lakes, lush valleys, splendid mountains, award-winning trout streams, and hundreds of different types of wildlife in this fascinating northeast corner of Washington state. For those searching for community life and adventurous living, Stevens County, Washington is the place for you.

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